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Services & Rates

Below are the services I offer and the approximate starting rate. All projects are different, so I will need to know your exact requirements before quoting a price. Thank you for your understanding.

Autoresponder E-mails $75/email
Blog Editorial Calendar $350.00
Blog Post(s) $150.00
Case Study $500.00
Category Page Update $300.00/page
Document Formatting $100.00
E-book $1000.00
E-newsletter/E-zine $350.00
Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) $250.00
Home Page Content $500.00
How-to Guide $300.00
Keyword Research $250.00
Microsite (2-5 pages) $1,500.00
Microsoft Word Templates $125.00
New Web Page $300.00
Online Article $200.00
Order page/Shopping Cart Sequence $200.00
Product Page Update $200.00
Single Promotion Landing Page $450.00
Site content audit and report $750.00
Social Media Ad Campaign $300.00
Social Media Management $500.00-$1000.00/month
Special Report/White Paper $1500.00
Stand-alone E-mail $150.00
Video or Podcast Script $250.00/minute
Webinar Script $1000.00

Note: Again, these prices are starting point figures based on a rough estimate of research time and writing. You project may require more research and more writing.

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