Create, Format, and You’re Ready to Self-publish in Under 1 Minute…

There will come a time when I’ll write a blog post and it won’t contain one single mention of Word styles. However, this isn’t one of them.
I won’t harp on [again], about their importance (because, hopefully I’ve already made my point where they’re concerned), but they really do make our lives so much easier.
I’ve been wanting to implement some form of automated conversion and formatting procedure into my 1-Click Book Creation app for a time, and last week finally had the opportunity to do so.
Initially, I wanted to incorporate it all into 1-CBC, but due to Word’s inherent problems with tracking and managing styles, it’s best if we keep a solid wall between the 2:
Step 1 – prepare the material in a separate document
Step 2 – sanitise and tag it.
Step 3 – import and convert it.
So this is the approach I took.
When you run the conversion, you’ll see I added a step at the beginning, and this is to prepare your book (your container, almost), before you run the conversion.
But, once your book is ready to go, it really is click, click, click.
The one caveat here is you must perform a minimal format on your existing manuscript to enable Word to ‘tag’ your document. This shouldn’t take you too long though.
Once that’s done, you’re ready to go.
Check out this 7 minutes video where i show you what to do, as well as how to quickly scan your document to see that the formatting has worked perfectly.
I hope you like it.