Have you ever taken a Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing course? Perhaps you’re looking at other options? If you are, and it’s with self-publishing using Microsoft Word then there are a number of ways you can approach this.
First, you can try and learn Microsoft Word yourself – admittedly, though, that’s probably the slowest way to go about it. Naturally, it all depends on your level of ability (and only you can gauge that), but self-publishing a book is a bit more complex than, say, creating a report or a letter using MS Word.
Second, you can go and buy a book on Amazon or another site and spend hours getting to grips with it and working slowly through the text, the examples, and hope that you get there in the end. Of course, you have to hope that the author actually does know what they’re talking about and are not one of these folk who hires a ghostwriter, slaps their name on the cover, and self-proclaims themselves an ‘expert’. That’s not too much of a problem in itself, as it’s easy to do some research these days and., after a little digging, find out that their claims are little more than bluster; but it’s still your time, your money, and your effort wasted.
The third option is you can go to YouTube and seek out free material. That’s not without its merits, of course, but free material has a price tag and an associated label with it; and, though a lot of videos are incredibly good (I use them a lot for graphics work: Photoshop, Illustrator, that kind of thing), finding the answer to my exact problem can prove difficult.  (Note: I must admit that using these kinds of software is totally different from creating a book though: click on this, do that, and you follow along; whereas, with creating a book – and especially the way Word works – it’s what you do on the page which determines how the app reacts. Maybe that’s just me, though).
The fourth option is to buy a paid course from Udemy, Lynda.com, that kind of thing. I’ve purchased quite a few myself off of these sites, especially Udemy of late: I’m trying to get my photography hobby off of the ground, so I’ve bought a few courses related to that; the other kind is graphics how-to (see above). The problem with book publishing courses is they rarely go into the depth that you need. It’s more generic than anything and, if you run into an issue, it can be a bit of a stickler.
Fifth is to pay someone to do it. This is going to be the most expensive option of the ones I’ve covered here, but that’s to be expected. Yes, there are meat-markets like Fiverr.com, Upwork, that kind of thing, but we all know that you get what you pay for. Yes, you may get a great (and a cheap) format, but it teaches you nothing – you haven’t progressed one iota. Don’t get me wrong, if that’s your thing, then it’s no skin off my nose, but this post is about you wanting to self-publish yourself. Also, with these bottom-feeding marketplaces, how’s that after-sales service? At a guess, it’s probably not part of the service.
All things you need to consider.
For myself, I cover most of the above. I have self-published a book about self-publishing to CreateSpace and Kindle with Microsoft Word (unsurprisingly called, How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle: Easy Publishing with Microsoft Word 2007. 2010 and 2013). I will upgrade it to include 2016, also, when I have a moment, but trust me when I say there’s no difference between the 4 versions (2007-2016 – no change!): in fact, Word’s still doing the same fundamentals now as it was in 1994 when I started using the software.
I’ve also created a video course on how to publish your book on CreateSpace and Kindle… the title of the course is quite similar to the book as the video course walsk you through me creating, formatting, and publishing the above book on CreateSpace on Kindle. (Maybe I should call the video training “The How to Publish my ‘How to Publish Your Book on CreateSpace and Kindle: Easy Publishing with Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and 2013’ Microsoft Word video training course”?)
I haven’t put the course on Udemy or Lynda as yet (and don’t know whether I will), but it follows me step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish (warts-and-all).
All told, it’s over 6-hours of video training. Sure, you’re not going to want to watch it in 1 sitting; but, it’s there to dip in and out of when you need to. Besides, if you get it and have problems with your own book (at whatever stage of the process, you can email me and ask). That way you know that once you start your book – once you’re determined to succeed – then nothing can get in your way.
I work on Upwork and in response to how to create a book, created a video showing what I do, what I need to consider when formatting a book, that kind of thing. This was the client’s immediate response:
So, as you can see – I get it!

Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing

Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing
My Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing course consists of:

  • Module 1 – Getting Started: there are 3 videos in this module: Download and Install the App (the training uses 1-Click Book Creation, but I will be covering other Microsoft Word video training for book publishing not using 1CBC at a later date); Diving Straight In; Uninstalling the App

  • Module 2 – Create Your Delimited File:  a delimited file is a simple text file that we use as a book record: it’s easy to create, and saves you loads of time (and reduces the risk of error) if you’re creating and publishing lots of books.
  • Module 3 – Setup Microsoft Word: Word out of the box isn’t great for book authors (it’s just not setup correctly). This video goes through the optimal settings for increasing you getting it ‘just right’.
  • Module 4 – Create New Book: module 4 of the Microsoft Word video training for book publishing course consists of the following videos to help you create and format your book: creating the book; menus (my custom designed menus); sanitising your work (this is ESSENTIAL!); about the videos; AutoSave Options; shortcut keys; transferring content into your new book file; and much more…
  • Module 5 – Essentials: The largest module, this covers the essential elements of Word that will save you time, energy, and tons of hair-pulling! This section includes Table of Contents; Sections; Styles; Headers & Footers; Chapters & Drop Caps; Abbreviations; Indexing…and many more.
  • Module 6 – Publishing to CreateSpace and to Kindle: The videos here show you how to create an account on both sites and how to submit your books and get them published. Videos include: Creating your Account(s); Creating a New Title; Updating Your ISBN; Creating and Submitting Covers; Submitting Your Book for Review; The Review and Approval Process, etc.
Note: All 6-hours of the Microsoft Word Video Training for Book Publishing course  are accessible in the 1-Click Book Creation members’ area. You will register for access immediately after purchase and can then access all the above after login. You can then watch them to your heart’s content, dipping in and out as you wish.
Includes: setting up Word, creating the book, populating the content, formatting it, setting up running heads, the tables of content, the table of figures, the table of tables, abbreviations, cross-references, running heads, drop capitals…it’s even fully-illustrated – you get it all. ALL OF IT! 
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