The Working with Word Cover Images report covers the basics of ensuring your cover image is the correct size for Word and for inserting one way, but there are other things you might want to do. For example, you may want to have text on your cover page, you might want to work with Word’s own cover creator, or you might want to work with images behind the text. Our Microsoft Word Images video training course helps here.

Working With Word Images Video Training Course

The training course consists of the 9 videos show below. This is over 1 hour of content and has all you’ll ever need to work with your images, insert them into Microsoft Word, and ensure you never struggle with cover (and other) images again.

The Working with Microsoft Word Images Course Content

You can check out a couple of the videos below: the first one is an overview of the course, and the second is the nitty-gritty working with images (which I talk about in the report):

#1 – Introduction

#2 – Working with Images (5 mins 39 seconds)

#3 – Insert Full Cover Page (7 mins 42)

Working With Microsoft Word Images - Insert Full Cover Page

#4 – In-line with Text (9 mins 39)

Working With Word Images - In-line with Text

#5 – Word’s Own Cover Creator (3 mins 33)

Working With Word Images - Word's Own Cover Creator

#6 – Images Behind Text (10 mins 32)

Working With Word Images - Images Behind Text

#7 – Precision Positioning (9 mins 59)

Working With Word Images - Precision Positioning

#8 – Working with Floating Images (8 mins)

Working With Word Images - Working with Floating Images

#9 – Word’s Image Formatting (4 mins 1)

Working With Word Images - Word's Image Formatting

Other Downloads:

As well as this 1-hour video series, you will also receive:

  • The Excel spreadsheet I refer to in the report (and video 2), great for calculating pixels and sizes (and getting your head around what you need to do).
  • The Working with Word Covers report as a Microsoft Word document.

You get instant access after purchase. After following this course again, you will never struggle with Microsoft Word images again – ever.

Working with Images in Word