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It’s a simple fact that, in most businesses, documentation comes in a lowly second place – it rarely gets given the same priority as getting the product ‘out there’. In over 18 years of working with businesses to improve their end-to-end processes and streamline the way they operate, I see it all too often. Too often. But the documentation isn’t just to help your customer, it’s to help your business too.
Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for most companies but, when your own business suffers because of poor documentation – or processes around the way you do what you do, then it’s going to be costing you money. And when that happens, you can keep throwing money down the pan, or you can do something about it.
As an example, a client had to deliver architectural specifications to their customers. Each time they did this (at least once per week), 1 of their staff would collate the [upto] 24 separate Word documents and compile them into 1 master document.
The only problem was the page numbering never came out right. Not once. This member of staff would spend up to 2 days each time trying to make it the best they could.
The solution?
Well, it took me half a day. It has saved this company many hours of wasted time, improved their productivity, and has quite clearly reduced their levels of frustration and the bad language from that part of the workplace.

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