Of course they get it wrong…they’re only human after all.
The problem is though, the first time I encountered this message from CreateSpace, where they’re telling me that my pagination is wrong – even numbered pages appearing on the right-hand, recto page, instead of on the left-hand, verso page – you have to go back and investigate it thoroughly.
They are the experts – right?
In fact, some of them might be, but when you factor in human error, issues and irregularities do occur.
If you’re confident in your own work, then it’s easy to resolve. But, where book self-publishing is concerned, where you’re likely to be self-publishing a book for the very first time, and you think you’ve done it right…it’s a spanner in the works.
The first time this happened to me, I went over my manuscript structure a dozen times, and found nothing wrong.
I emailed CreateSpace support and told them to help me understand what’s going on…
I got a reply a day or so later (after they’d investigated my issue)…
…they were wrong.
It’s happened to me 4 times now. After that first time, I didn’t bother emailing them. I knew my setup was sound and the book was good to go. I’m very experienced with Microsoft Word and with the CreateSpace and Kindle the self-publishing processes, and know when all’s good. However, if you’re not, it’s frustrating. Very often, who do you have to turn to?
And that’s the problem.
Anyway, here’s my video of my recent publication: