If you want to create and publish a book using Microsoft Word then I’ve got a real treat for you. In 2015, I created the ‘Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word Video Training video training course’ to do just that.
However, I must point out that it does use the Microsoft Word application that I created called 1-Click Book Creation to do this. The good news is, you can get both bundled together for a steal of a price.

1-Click Book Creation – the Easiest Way to Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word

1-Click Book Creation is what’s called a macro-enabled template (a .dotm) in Microsoft’s parlance. This enables me to code whizzy bits into the template to do the difficult parts that many struggle with, such as setting up the book, the margins, the gutter, the layout, the headers and footers, the table of contents, the correct spacing, fonts, and so on. But, not only did I create the app to do this, I also expanded it to cover all of the CreateSpace trim sizes . The trim size is the size of your book.

Check out the sample video further down the page

It also enables you to write a print book and then, with 1-click of a button, convert it into Kindle format. How cool is that?
Anyway, that’s enough about 1-Click Book Creation (there’s more on this site, I wrote another post about 1-CBC, click here to go to it), you’re here because you’re interested in my video training course.

Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word Video Training Course

1-Click Book Creation Pro (+ 1CBC & WWWI Video Training)

Create and Publish a Book Using Microsoft Word video training course contents

As you can see below, the video training course consists of 5 main sections:

Getting Started

  • About the Videos
  • AutoSave Options
  • Enabling Macros Within Word

Add and Save Your Book Information

  • Create Your Delimited File (this is your book record)

Setup Microsoft Word

  • Picture Compression in Word
  • Create Book

Check out the sample video here:

[monkeytools msnip=”http://monkeyplayr.com/playr.php?u=1407&p=5143″]

  • Custom Menus
  • Sanitising Your Work
  • Transferring Content Into Your New Book File
  • Shortcut Keys
  • Show/Hide Characters
  • Deleting Existing Content
  • Updating Document Properties
  • Disclaimer/Testimonials/Dedication & Other Pre-loaded Content


  • Table of Contents
  • Sections
  • Changing Styles
  • Creating Styles
  • Headers & Footers
  • Abbreviations
  • Indexing
  • Pictures
  • Cross-references
  • Moving Content
  • References
  • Export to PDF

Hello World

Publish to CreateSpace

  • Create a CreateSpace Account
  • Create a New CS Title
  • Update ISBN Number in Your Book File
  • Submit for Review
  • The Review Process
  • The Approval Process

Publish to Kindle

  • Create a Kindle Account
  • Export Your Book to Kindle
  • Submit & Publish to Kindle
  • Chapters & Drop Capitals
  • Insert Framing lines
  • Creating Your Book Cover (Before)
  • Creating Your Book Cover (After)
  • Distribution
  • Post-editor Review

That’s over 6 hours of video content to help you go from idea through to publising your book on CreateSpace and Kindle.
It doesn’t get any easier than 1-Click Book Creation.
Get it now, get instant access after purchase, and start your shortcut to success today:
1-Click Book Creation Pro (+ 1CBC & WWWI Video Training)