It’s taken a little longer than originally planned, but my adult coloring book software has been rolled out in full as part of 1-Click Book Creation today (26th).
A couple of client hiccups caused unanticipated changes and freed up some time for me. Also prompted by a request for an additional trim size for the colouring book functionality (see below), there didn’t seem to be any reasons to delay the roll-out.
Liz Armond - testimonial
So, if you haven’t been to the website and seen the video, here’s the link to the former: 1-Click Book, and here’s the video for the latter. As you will see, I’ve taken a different approach to the sales video and I hope that either 1) if you’ve bought 1-Click Book Creation Pro already, that you like it; and 2) if you haven’t bought 1-Click Book Creation Pro already, that it helps you make a decision as to whether or not to buy it.
If you’ll permit me to take the time to clarify who I think 1CBC is for, it might help you:

  • You need a pc and a pc version of Microsoft Word. I bought a Mac initially to code 1CBC and was stunned when I couldn’t release on both platforms. 2 years further on, they’re still poles apart in the code respect.
  • You need to be able to install programs as an administrator: this is paid software with a license and you need to be able to install as admin to allow that to install correctly. Without it uh-uh, no chance.
  • You can follow a few simple, step-by-step videos to change Word’s security settings: the whizzy bits are ‘macros’, so you need to be able to make them work – Word blocks them by default.
  • You need to be dedicated to writing/creating colouring books. Without it, you won’t use the software, it’ll gather dust on your hard drive, and you’ll waste your money. You do get a lifetime license, but seriously, if you’re not going to use it, save your money and don’t buy it.

That’s pretty much it. It sounds like a lot, but really it isn’t.
I stand by my apps. I’ve put 25 years of using MS Word into what I’ve created with full realisation that Microsoft could release something that does similar on the next roll-out of Microsoft Office and my app will lost a lot; but, I still do it because I’m passionate about what I do.
As an example, I was going to roll-out 1-Click Coloring Books as a separate app and charge more for it. But, I realised it’d be easier (and better) all round for all my customers if I incorporated it into a single app. As such, those who got in at the early days, get all the updates for free.
On that note, what is the new functionality?

Adult Coloring Books Functionality

Well, if you’ve glanced at Liz’s comment, above, you’ll see she asked if I could add the 8″ x 10″ trim size functionality to the application. She asked this 5 days ago (at the time of writing). This is in addition to the existing 2 trim sizes in the coloring book part of the app (there’s 19 trim sizes in the non-coloring book part though).
As for the functionality…
If this saves you the best part of a day or so when creating a colouring book…what’s saving 7 hours worth to you? Especially when you consider that this is a 1-off payment and you can effectively have a book in the CreateSpace approval process minutes after you finish your images (and published in less than a day). Then, multiply this by how fast you can get your images created… my mind boggles just thinking about it.
Anyway, here’s the video:

So, as you can see, this new addition packs an enormous punch to an already phenomenal package.
As such, the price is going to rise this weekend.
I’ve put as countdown timer on the 1CBC website; but it’s going up at 1200 ICT on Saturday, 29th October. So, if you want to get in now, the price will never be this low again, click on the button below:
1-Click Book Creation Pro (+ 1CBC & WWWI Video Training)