“Working with Russ answers once and for all, “what’s the difference between working with a professional/specialist vs an amateur/generalist?”

Those were the kind words written by Steve Pinkney of Conceptia, a veteran-owned management consulting and technology services company in Texas. But it wasn’t always that way… (It certainly didn’t begin like that.)

I still don’t have a clue what happened

One minute I was working on a wind-swept deck bolted to the the back of a North Sea drilling rig…
The next I was staring up in a hospital bed and “Hey, Russ, your rig days are over. Time to look for a new job.”

What Changed?

Falling head-first through a hole onto the steel deck below, that’s what. Ouch! From then on, it all changed. But it took a while.

I Got Hired As a Technical Author

For a company who created manuals for the Oil and Gas industry. That was in 1997 and, after countless hours spent learning Word, I went freelance. Since then, I’ve helped many dozens of companies with their documentation, processes, procedures, the works. Between 1999 and 2004, every single company I worked at adopted my Word templates and document procedures and processes over their own.

A Word Template expert

When I took my CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching for Adults) course in Cardiff in 2011, we had to write lesson plans. They asked if they could use my template too. They were, and are, that good.
So much so that client’s like Steve can say this:
And others like Colby, say this:
Hannah wrote this:
Jan said this:
Henry wrote this


Nick Miller was being hounded by the Health & Safety Executive a few years ago, and needed help. Not only did the work I produced for him get him out of trouble, but it was also taken on by the Health & Safety Executive to be use as the benchmark for other pearl diving industry companies:
“Russ is a consummate professional and has assisted me in completing an Occupational Health and Safety system that was not only accepted by the regulators, but recommended to other companies by the regulator as an example of good practice. It doesn’t get better than that! Nick Miller

Owner, Blue Water Shell, Pearl Diving Industry


Steve’s team were under the cosh. The number of change requests, problems, and issues was rampant and overwhelming. Worse, under the terms of their contract, they had less than a week to get these looked at, fixed, and back to the client changes fixed and back to their client. They were floundering.  
  The first month was getting up to speed – there were 137 requests (to be fixed in less than a week). The second, it was under 30. And none of them were within our remit. For the first time ever, they’d done it.

“Russ is a highly competent expert in technical editing and copywriting. Russ was able to work as a seamless extension to our business analysis and software development team to craft and update detailed design documents and analysis documents.

His experience and expertise improved not only the documents but also our team’s skills and capabilities by showing us new and improved ways of crafting and editing documents.

As an added benefit, Russ works/lives in a different time zone which allowed our team to provide him documents at the end of a day and receive them back from Russ when we arrived to the office in the morning. I and our entire team, wholehearted endorse Russ and his excellent work. We will definitely engage him again in the future. Thanks.”

Steve Goldsby

President/CEO, ICS Inc.

Alex’s case was much different

Their risk management software was undergoing an overhaul and they needed someone to come onboard and document it. I’d documented a few user systems before (and I have a great knack for usability and what works – even now with a current client, 5 years on) and there was a fair bit that could be improved with Meercat. It wasn’t a huge project, but Alex was kind enough to value my input:

“Russ was perfect for the task (and perfect for most tasks, I’d imagine).

He is creative, takes the initiative, writes with the right voice, illustrates appropriately, delivers what and when he promises, and even lets you know when he’s not going to be available. I’ll re-hire him once we get our next deliverable together, but in the meantime, if you need someone with Russ’ skills, we can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Alex Apostolou

Founder, Meercat


I deliver. That’s a fact. Having worked with dozens of companies since 1997, I’ve written most kinds of technical documents, including:
  • Admin Manuals
  • Blogs
  • CBTs (Computer Based Training)
  • Developer Guides
  • Ebooks
  • Email marketing sequences
  • Forums
  • Help Documentation
  • Instructional Materials
  • Knowledge Base
  • Multimedia (graphics, illustrations, audio, video, simulations, etc.)
  • Online Articles
  • Procedures
  • Process Documentation
  • Sales letters
  • Social and Professional Networking
  • User Manuals
  • VSLS
  • WBTs (Web Based Training)

Microsoft Word

As a Microsoft Word Expert, I’m also a top-rated contractor on Upwork, a guest author on Quora, and an in-demand book formatter for both print and digital works.
I’ve also created a number of Microsoft Word apps, including 1-Click Book Creation, an app to help Word users create, format, and publish their books on CreateSpace and Kindle; and 1-Click Thesis, a Word app to help students create, format, and their academic theses.
If you want to learn how to use Microsoft Word properly:

Education and qualifications

I also have a 1st Class Honours degree in English Language (Summa Cum Laude). In addition to the above, you know you’re getting a professional with exccleent research skills, impeccable credentials, and the ability to do the job you need.
  • Is your business struggling or could do with some professional help?
  • Do you need some outside input?

There’s a slim chance that I can’t help you. If that’s the case, I’ll be upfront about it. But there’s a good chance that I can. Regardless, of whether you think I can or you think I can’t, unless you get in touch, you’ll never know.

Get in Touch Now:

  • I have to agree with one of the testimonials on his profile that says, “Makes me reconsider what 5 stars means for everyone else I’ve worked with.”

    I’ve worked with many consultants in my career (both on Upwork and in real life.)

    I’ve found that good consultants provide you with the requested deliverable on time and on budget while keeping you informed on progress. Great consultants on the other hand also do this, but teach you something in the process. I actually learned something from Russ in his initial proposal, before I even awarded him the contract. He showed me some problems in the document I provided for quote purposes, that I was not even aware of, which would have plagued me down the road. This also answered some long-standing questions I’ve had about Word in mind that I could never quite find the answer to.

    Working with Russ answers once and for all,what’s the difference between working with a professional/specialist vs an amateur/generalist?

    As a result of working with him, I have a new way of working with Word. I also now have an asset – a properly structured, beautiful, REUSABLE Word template – in addition to my initial request.

    And if that’s not enough, he provided videos explaining his work and findings that I can refer back to as needed.

    By using Russ for this project, I feel as if I’ve made an investment in my project rather than simply conduct a business transaction.

    I cannot recommend this man highly enough.

    Steve Pinckney, Owner, Conceptia

  • Paragon Intel
    Makes me reconsider what 5 stars means for everyone else I’ve worked with. Russ recorded videos explaining everything he was doing to help our document and how we could do it ourselves going forward. Teach a man to fish… Couldn’t recommend Russ more highly.

    Colby Howard, Partner, COO, Paragon Intel 

  • Russ has been a pleasure to work with, he is extremely knowledgeable and has taught me a lot during our time working together.

    His communication is excellent, I really appreciated the walk though videos – it made a complex job very easy to understand and digest at my own pace.

    Thank you so much for all your amazing work, you have made a lot peoples lives a lot easier! hope to work with you again soon.

    Hannah Morris, Head of Digital Design and DevelopmentImpact International

  • “Yet another job done, on time and well within budget and to a high standard. Russ, you are a joy to work with.”

    Jan Kampman, Mulder-Kampman

  • Common Capital logo

    Five stars isn’t enough. I wish all my staff and contractors were as professional and good at what they do as Russ is.

    Russ helped us develop great looking, versatile, stable, but very complicated macro driven word template. The quality of his work, time management, efficiency and communication are outstanding. We have learned so much we didn’t know through working with him.

    He also adds value by providing short videos explaining what he has done, so we can now easily do ourselves things that seemed too complicated to even consider.”

    Henry Adams, Director, Common Capital