If you’ve never heard of 1-Click Book Creation, or are unsure of what it is or does, then you’re in for a treat…
You see, Microsoft Word is still doing the fundamentals in much of the same way as it was 20 or so years ago – little has changed in that respect.
Unfortunately for you and I, there was no self-publishing industry back then so if you wanted to go down the ‘book route’ you really needed to delve deep into Word, and learn how to do all of the necessary ‘stuff’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s all there for you to use; but, let’s face it, the resources to either show you what it’s about or how to do it are few and far between.
There is a learning curve involved, there is a lot you need to know; and, the way Word is designed (though Kindle books are much easier) you can’t actually complete your print book layout 100%, until your book is written, and all your formatting and pagination is correct.
So, there is this level of complexity involved, and that is what makes it so much more off-putting for people. In addition, it must be said, this extra level of knowledge involved is what has people running to use Scrivener and similar.
Word is considered too complicated.
Until now, that is.
You see, Russ (that’s me, who’s writing this), has been using Word for 20-years, and a great portion of them professionally. Moreover, I’ve actually been designing professional templates for clients since 1999, so I know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.
As well as having written and self-published 7 of my own books (plus others for clients), in 2014 I decided to combine my knowledge of Word and self-publishing together with what I know about programming and come up with something that will help everyone who struggles with Word to create their books.
From this came 1-Click Book Creation:

1-Click Book Creation

With the Pro version, you can create all the industry and non-industry standard trim sizes used by CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Lulu, etc. That’s 18 of them at current count (if you see one I’ve missed and want me to add it, I can do that).
So, this means that you can create your book in one trim size for one company, and then quickly create another book using a different trim size for another (if you so wish).
But, the power is not only in the creation of the document itself, it’s in the ease of formatting your book afterwards. I’ve made it really easy for you.

1-Click Book Creation Feedback

As Elle Butler says,
So, as you see, with 1-Click Book Creation you’re getting something solid, worthwhile, and which will save you a ton of time.
As Dr Mark Clayson, author of over 20 books (www.MarkClayson.com), said:


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